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ATTENTION! Karty bezpečnostných údajov31 May 2018 is the final deadline for substances in range of 1 - 100 tonnes per year. Remaining time:

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Call for companies to continue their SIEF cooperation after the deadline

Kontaktná skupina riaditeľov (DCG) odporúča, aby registrujúci existujúcich látok udržiavali svoje platformy spolupráce aj po poslednom termíne registrácie 31. mája 2018.


CHEMDOX - contemporary new software for classification and documentation in compliance with legal guidelines based on current chemical and transportation law.

We are proud to present to you CHEMDOX, an innovative software that uses modern technologies to support you in

the creation of legally sound classifications and safety related documents.
Developed to cope with the general requirements of chemical and transportation law while retaining maximum
user-friendliness, CHEMDOX helps experts achieve an important objective:
high quality documents and with them the feeling of security knowing that the job has been handled right.

  1. Research substances, create own products

  2. Rules-based classification 

  3.  Automated creation of documents 

  4. Administration of created documents

The current technology is designed to be ready for long-term improvements and maintenance. That means you're ready for the future too. CHEMDOX is also designed to be platform neutral and is not tied to specific hardware or operating system. CHEMDOX is a client/server application, accessible with a browser, designed both for the stand-alone workstation and distributed work on corporate networks.

 Server Installation

CHEMDOX is installed on your company's server and can then be used by all computers on the company network. The sole prerequisite is an internet browser.
Using a secure internet connection, you can then log into and work with your CHEMDOX installation even remotely.


Workstation Installation

Of course you may also choose to simply install CHEMDOX on your workstation. Your working experience with CHEMDOX will stay all same.



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